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  • heaer

Persona 4: Golden Video Review

HEY! LISTEN! If you've played a Persona game before and/or are familiar with Japanese Role-playing games in general you can probably skip to about 10:15 in the video, where I get into the heart of what I did and didn't [...]
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  • rise-success-of-esports

eSports Conversation Podcast

On our eSports Conversation Podcast Matt and Scott discuss what eSports are, who plays them, how they are perceived by gamers and non-gamers, and where they might be headed in the future. Additionally, the duo discuss a bit of eSport [...]
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  • Snowpiercer rides to the U.S., Lake Count-i-Con awaits, Summer Sales galore, and more!

Now Loading… 6/25/2014

Snowpiercer: This cool-looking sci-fi film finally hits U.S. theaters this weekend! Directed by Joon-ho Bong (The Host, Mother), Snowpiercer stars Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Ed Harris and some other big names/familiar faces. Snowpiercer is set in a future where a [...]
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Hyper Light Drifter Is Still My Most Anticipated Indie Game!

I've been meaning to write a little blurb about this game for a while.... We're in the middle of what many refer to as the "Indie Games Renaissance," and while some people like Peter Molyneux warn gamers to enjoy it [...]
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  • luigi

Luigi Death Stare -Meets- The Fast And The Furious (Mario Kart 8)

Oh Internet, how I love you. This video, which I stumbled upon via and, simply made my morning. I'm not sure if it's an old video that someone just added the "death stare" into because of Mario Kart 8's [...]
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  • pileofshame

Thirty & Nerdy: Too Many Games, Too Little Time! (Adopting “Next-Gen”) Podcast

Thirty & Nerdy's Matt and Scott converse about drowning in a sea of "last-gen" games, and what that means for adopting new gaming hardware such as PS4, XboxOne, and WiiU. PC gaming generations versus console generations. The consequences of remastering old [...]
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  • Drakengard

Drakengard 3: Review

What is Drakengard 3? *It’s an action game with very light RPG elements, available only on PlayStation 3. In it you play as Zero, one of six Intoner sisters, who is determined to kill all of her siblings in cold blood. [...]
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  • Zelda for Wii U inspires, Why Game of Thrones is the best, Sly lands onto my Vita, and more!

Now Loading… 6/17/2014

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D: Completely swooned by the 30 seconds of Zelda Wii U footage Nintendo showcased during their E3 2014 Direct Event, I was finally compelled to buy Ocarina of Time 3D from the eShop and [...]
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  • E3 logo 1 from

Thirty & Nerdy Post-E3 2014 Podcast

Thirty & Nerdy's Matt and Scott converse about the happenings during 2014's Electronic Entertainment Expo: resolution wars, annualized sequels, best in show, the potential for virtual reality-- it's two hours of gaming greatness! You have options! 1) Watch or listen to [...]
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Nintendo Is What’s Wrong With My PS Vita!

Admittedly, I sometimes have the best kinds of problems... video game-related problems. You see, I’ve got this PlayStation Vita—Sony’s latest handheld system, and for the past couple of months now I’ve been struggling to fall head over heels for it.... Let’s [...]
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