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New 3DS XL System Transfer Nightmare

When our Unboxing/System Transfer video went awry due to the confusing and unintuitive nature of the System Transfer process, we decided to salvage the footage and put together a post-mortem/light rant of sorts in order to vent our frustrations, as [...]

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Majora's Mask 3D: I bought the original Majora's Mask back when it debuted on the N64 in October of 2,000, and I don't know if it's because I was entranced with my Dreamcast at that time, or Majora's Mask was simply [...]

Foxcatcher – Review

Why did John Du Pont (Steve Carell) choose Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) to lead his Foxcatcher wrestling team? I ask this question not because Mark is an inadequate choice. Mark is an excellent wrestler. He won the gold medal for [...]

Dragon Age: Inquisition – First Impressions

I’m about 7 hours into Dragon Age: Inquisition and despite accidentally naming my Mage “Maxwell” (the default male human name), and realizing that once again I won’t be able to create a Blood Mage, I’m already in love with just [...]

Video Game Worldsets Conversation – Destiny

Gameplay, history, lore--- these are some of the things that make up a video game's worldset. In this podcast we talk about Destiny in regards to these elements. Does Destiny offer a satisfying, intriguing, and/or polished worldset for its players [...]

Gone Girl Spoilercast Conversation

Were Nick and Amy in love? ... Is Love a Cage? .... Thirty & Nerdy's Matt and Scott converse about these topics and more in their spoiler-filled Gone Girl conversation! You have options! 1) Watch or listen to the Podcast [...]

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Gone Girl: The latest film from director David Fincher debuted this weekend and brought in $38 Million domestically, topping the box office in the process. Gone Girl is a mystery/thriller starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. I saw Gone Girl this [...]

Destiny: Vault of Glass – First Impressions

Our Destiny Clan, Guardian Section 9 (GS9) attempted the Vault of Glass for the first time last night on PS4. There were 6 of us. ShadowWolf and I from GS9, Ddunk and his buddy from Angels of the Apocolypse [sic], [...]

Destiny Review Pod/Vidcast

Thirty & Nerdy's Matt and Scott review Destiny in this 7-part review extravaganza! You have options! 1) Watch or listen to the Podcast right here! (Below) 2) Head to our YouTube page and watch from >there<! 3) Visit our SoundCloud page [...]

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Destiny: After watching a handful of online streams from the game's alpha and beta I nearly wrote off Bungie's latest as nothing more than an uninspired, more realistic-looking Borderlands clone. However, due to my love for sci-fi, the promise of playing [...]