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Video Game Worldsets Conversation – Destiny

Gameplay, history, lore--- these are some of the things that make up a video game's worldset. In this podcast we talk about Destiny in regards to these elements. Does Destiny offer a satisfying, intriguing, and/or polished worldset for its players [...]

Gone Girl Spoilercast Conversation

Were Nick and Amy in love? ... Is Love a Cage? .... Thirty & Nerdy's Matt and Scott converse about these topics and more in their spoiler-filled Gone Girl conversation! You have options! 1) Watch or listen to the Podcast [...]

Destiny Review Pod/Vidcast

Thirty & Nerdy's Matt and Scott review Destiny in this 7-part review extravaganza! You have options! 1) Watch or listen to the Podcast right here! (Below) 2) Head to our YouTube page and watch from >there<! 3) Visit our SoundCloud page [...]

Guardians of the Galaxy – Podcast

Thirty & Nerdy's Gina and Matt have a heated discussion about Guardians of the Galaxy after seeing the film opening weekend. (Gina is crazy.) You have options! 1) Listen to the Podcast right here! (Below) 2) Visit our SoundCloud page [...]

Japanese Role-Playing Game (JRPG) Conversation Podcast

Thirty & Nerdy's Scott and Matt discuss Japanese Role-playing Games! When did JRPG's come West? What do we love about them? Why are they important to gaming? What makes a JRPG "good"? We attempt to discuss these questions and more [...]

Persona 4: Golden Video Review

HEY! LISTEN! If you've played a Persona game before and/or are familiar with Japanese Role-playing games in general you can probably skip to about 10:15 in the video, where I get into the heart of what I did and didn't [...]

eSports Conversation Podcast

On our eSports Conversation Podcast Matt and Scott discuss what eSports are, who plays them, how they are perceived by gamers and non-gamers, and where they might be headed in the future. Additionally, the duo discuss a bit of eSport [...]

Thirty & Nerdy: Too Many Games, Too Little Time! (Adopting “Next-Gen”) Podcast

Thirty & Nerdy's Matt and Scott converse about drowning in a sea of "last-gen" games, and what that means for adopting new gaming hardware such as PS4, XboxOne, and WiiU. PC gaming generations versus console generations. The consequences of remastering old [...]

Thirty & Nerdy Post-E3 2014 Podcast

Thirty & Nerdy's Matt and Scott converse about the happenings during 2014's Electronic Entertainment Expo: resolution wars, annualized sequels, best in show, the potential for virtual reality-- it's two hours of gaming greatness! You have options! 1) Watch or listen to [...]