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Destiny– Week 1 Photo Gallery

These images were taken from our PlayStation 4 version of Destiny during the game's first week on the market. None of the photos have been enhanced or altered. Photos with black bars on top and bottom are from the game's cutscenes, and [...]
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Wolfenstein: The New Order– What a Pleasant Surprise

It's been 5 years since 2009's Wolfenstein on last-gen hardware, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before we saw another iteration of the classic franchise that started it all for modern day shooters as we know [...]
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The New 3DS: First Thoughts

Earlier today via a Japanese Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo unveiled a "New" 3DS line. The updated handheld has a second analogue stick, two new buttons (ZL and ZR), a broader viewing range for the 3D effects, and it's a bit more [...]
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Crysis 3: Legacy Review

Like going out on a third date with that hot somebody and realizing you have nothing new to talk about, Crysis 3 is boring. Uncovering a government/corporate/extraterrestrial mystery while exploring lush forest-turned-tundra environments in the first Crysis was great. The [...]
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Now Loading… 8/18/2014

Over the weekend Gamescom (think E3, only bigger) came and went in Cologne, Germany, and through new game announcements, extended looks at titles first shown at E3 2014 that showcased the graphical prowess of cross-gen titles running on PS4 and XB1 [...]
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The Stanley Parable – Part 1

Assisted by a charming narrator, Stanley, of The Stanley Parable, discovers that his office is suddenly devoid of other human beings. The narrator describes Stanley’s concern about maybe missing a memo regarding a hypothetical meeting, and says Stanley heads to [...]
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A Physical vs. Digital Dilemma

The PlayStation network is hosting a SquareEnix sale this week wherein a slew of noteworthy titles have been considerably discounted. Titles like Final Fantasy V, VI, VII, VIII, and IX for the PlayStation are now going for $4.99 each, which [...]
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Now Loading… 7/28/2014

Wild Arms: I picked up this gem of an RPG (and its sequel) during one of Sony's PSN Flash Sales and instantly fell in love with its presentation, music, gameplay, and more. If you're a fan of old-school, turn-based RPGs and [...]
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Top 5 Moments From EVO 2014 (Maximilian Dood)

Here's a great compilation video I found via and DSOG (Dark Side of Gaming), wherein YouTube user Maximilian Dood has posted a video of his Top 5 Hype Moments from EVO 2014. In case you're short on the 17 [...]
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Now Loading…” 7/14/2014

EVO: Fighting game tournaments took place all weekend long at Evolution in Las Vegas as competitors from around the world showed up to compete in everything from Ultra Street Fighter 4 to Super Smash Bros Melee. Now that the competition is [...]
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