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What’s up at Thirty & Nerdy?! (8/28/2015)

What's up at Thirty & Nerdy?! I've talked about wanting to utilize the website as more of a "blog" from time to time (as opposed to, say, a "video game" website), so consider this a moment where I'm going to [...]

The Cult of Nier

I came across a Nier 2 article on Wired today via their Twitter account, which is titled: "A Masked Master of Weird Gaming Plots His Next Adventure". In the article, the headline is accompanied by a black and white photograph of two [...]

Super Smash Bros. Wii U Photo Gallery -1-

Did you know that we're really (and I mean REALLY) in love with our Wii U? We've had Nintendo's latest console since the end of December and still can't help but gawk at how gorgeous every single one of Nintendo's first-party titles looks on [...]

Now Loading… 4/12/2015

Daredevil: Marvel’s Daredevil landed on Netflix this past Friday and instantly hooked us with its dark and violent portrayal of Hell’s Kitchen, a New York City neighborhood home to “blind” attorney Matthew Murdock, aka The Man In The Black Mask, [...]

Now Loading… 4/5/2015

You can reach S.W. Hannan on Twitter @SWHannan, and Matt Strnad as well, @ThirtyAndNerdy. HD Mario 64 Level 1: Some beautiful person remade the first level of Mario 64 in HD and released a playable version to the internet, gratis. [...]

Bloodborne Photo Gallery 1

Welcome to our first photo gallery for Bloodborne! All images were captured using the Share Screenshot feature on the PlayStation 4. Most of the photos were captured in-game during gameplay, with a few of the photos coming from the game's cutscenes. As you [...]

Now Loading… 3/29/2015

Zelda Wii U Delayed: In a short YouTube video addressing the status of Zelda Wii U's development, series producer Eiji Aonuma stated that though he previously announced that the game would be out during 2015's holiday season, "in these last three [...]

Now Loading… 3/22/2015

Editor's Note: This week's edition of Now Loading includes the writings of S.W. Hannan. You can reach him on Twitter @SWHannan. Windows 10: Lots of news this week about the imminent release of Windows 10, Microsoft's newest, and incongruously titled, operating system. First: [...]

Remembering Final Fantasy’s Ramuh

I hopped online today and stumbled upon a bunch of buzz surrounding Ramuh, the "Summon" that's shown off in the Final Fantasy XV Duscae Demo, which launched today as a bonus for fans who purchased the newly-remastered of Final Fantasy [...]

Now Loading… 3/15/2015

Editor's Note: This week's edition of Now Loading includes the writings of S.W. Hannan. You can reach him on Twitter @SWHannan. Terry Pratchet Dies: Terry Pratchet, author of numerous humorous fantasy novels, and creator of the Discworld worldset, died this week [...]