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Ex Machina Review

Nathan is the eccentric creator of BlueBook, the Google of the not-too distant future. He has used the tremendous amount of data from his search engine to construct the artificial intelligence for Ava, a functional and convincingly personable cyborg. He [...]

Still Alice – Review

Memories are the bonds of our identity. If we are a collection of mannerisms, preferences, theologies, physical appearance, professions, and experiences, it is our memory which stitches them together into what we define as our identity. So, when our memory [...]

Tales of the Arabian Nights

Recently, I had the opportunity to play a board game called Tales of Arabian Nights. I also played Bohnanza, Guts of Glory, and Heimlich and Co., but I don’t typically enjoy board or card games, so I prefer to describe [...]

Now Loading… 12/7/2014

Before: Before is a survival game set during the neolithic, or neolithic-like age, brought to us by Facepunch Studios. The world is populated by eagles, bears, woolly mammoths, saber-tooth tigers, and primitive human camps, whose inhabitants wear crude togas of animal [...]

Foxcatcher – Review

Why did John Du Pont (Steve Carell) choose Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) to lead his Foxcatcher wrestling team? I ask this question not because Mark is an inadequate choice. Mark is an excellent wrestler. He won the gold medal for [...]

Interstellar – Review

Cooper, the protagonist of Interstellar, played by Mathew McConaughey, is a former NASA astronaut/test pilot/engineer, who immediately recognizes the image of a wormhole when presented with a picture of one. The trouble is, he has never seen a wormhole before, [...]

Nightcrawler – Review

In the world of Dan Gilroy’s Nightcrawler, humanity can be sacrificed at an altar of professionalism. In exchange, for compassion and decency, someone like Louis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) can be granted excellent negotiating skills, a generic, corporate vocabulary filled with [...]

John Wick — Review

The inciting incident in John Wick is more of a shot from a starter pistol than a story setup. It’s a thin, manipulative shot that dubiously justifies a feature-length movie stuffed with indiscriminate violence. But John Wick has the best [...]

More Human Than Human – Lucy: Review

We believe that we are inadequate. We eagerly accept unfounded claims which denigrate us. The most popular may be the one that says the average human only uses 10% of its cognitive ability. Self-deprecating ideas like that make their way [...]

Baby Don’t Hurt Me — Gone Girl: Review

Were Nick and Amy in love? Of course they were. They had a dreamy meet-cute, where Nick charmingly convinced Amy to give him one of her two specialty beers. He then fancifully speculated on which hipster the beer was intended. [...]