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More Human Than Human – Lucy: Review

We believe that we are inadequate. We eagerly accept unfounded claims which denigrate us. The most popular may be the one that says the average human only uses 10% of its cognitive ability. Self-deprecating ideas like that make their way [...]
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Baby Don’t Hurt Me — Gone Girl: Review

Were Nick and Amy in love? Of course they were. They had a dreamy meet-cute, where Nick charmingly convinced Amy to give him one of her two specialty beers. He then fancifully speculated on which hipster the beer was intended. [...]
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Inbound: A Familiarity With New Beginnings

BART train cars have the hard lines, light construction, and plastic feel of a videogame console from the 80s; like what Nintendo thought the future might look like from 1989. They are squat and pale when compared to the tall [...]
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Astro City

The six issues contained in the first volume of Astro City: Life in the Big City are mostly isolated episodes which focus on the people who live in Astro City, a superhero revisionist, modern city. Each story is compelling on [...]
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The Stanley Parable – Part 1

Assisted by a charming narrator, Stanley, of The Stanley Parable, discovers that his office is suddenly devoid of other human beings. The narrator describes Stanley’s concern about maybe missing a memo regarding a hypothetical meeting, and says Stanley heads to [...]
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“Weird Al” Yankovic – Mandatory Fun : Review

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic has said that Mandatory Fun is his best album. In the current media culture such a claim can only be half truth and half advertising, at best. Every decent artist tries to make every piece his or [...]
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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – Review

The introductory mission of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons requires the two brothers to cart their coughing father the doctor. The doctor has bad news for the brothers. Father is dying, and he needs a special extract from somewhere [...]
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